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1 min FOREX System - Trade with 1 minute chart forex system1 min Forex System is Probably the talked-about Trading System and a One Minute Forex Strategy that excites many traders To Make Consistent Money from Forex. All trades are done with the 1 Minute Chart and position closed in less than 15 minutes!

**(Some use the word "scalping" but I call it "the straight-forward" simple to use system).

Jack Johnson, so passionate with Forex that he test and retest his trading strategies over numerous years until he perfected the system. He only trades with the one minute chart on all currencies pair.

Systems today restrict you to a few currencies pair but 1 Min Forex System, is able to trade on ALL and ANY Currency Pairs. Thus giving you ample trade opportunities. Having trained under an experienced trader, Johnson has mastered the art of what many traders greatest fear is the fear of making money in the forex market. With proper money management and tight stop loss, Johnson teaches the way to make money through the 1 min forex chart. Yes! You heard it right, ONE MIN FOREX CHART!

1 min Forex System, as the name suggest, we trade only with 1 minute chart, any currency pairs, no complicated indicators, no hype just pure impartation of knowledge and calculated way of making pips.

Trading the One Minute Chart requires lots of filtering of "noise". I have spent countless days and nights just watching charts and price action move up and down on the exchange rates of currency pairs. I have defined proper entry price, take profit and stop loss. Risk and Reward has to be good before any trade is taken. Imagine having 30-40 trading opportunities a day, you just need to capture 2-4 good trades, your money is made.

Trading with the system will be very simple. In fact, even if you have no trading experience at all you would still make a

money with proper money management and entry. Because the system will provide you all the entry/exit signals visually.

This system can be used with any currency pair and any time frame. I Repeat AGAIN You can expect 2-4 winning

trades per day. Also expect negative trades (as market is always right). They is no 100% perfect system in the world.

All professional and profitable traders will agree with me, however, as long as your follow rules and keep the

I’m going to break everything down for you in an easy-to-trade way, a simple and easy to use system.

And do NOT think this involves filling up your charts with useless indicators and staring the screen with a million indicators.

No. Not at all. Its visually easy to see, and just need 10 min to scan through endless opportunity on the 1 minute chart.

You won’t even ponder over when to enter and exit a trade; with one look, you will automatically know when to.

You won’t wonder how much money to risk on your trades, I’ll give you a money management formula that will have you squeezing two to three times out of every dollar that you risk!

™ gives you a deep understanding of Forex. That means that no matter what you are doing, where you are at, what the current market is dictating, what the market 6 months from now is dictating, it doesn’t matter you will be prepared for ALL SCENARIOS!

When I first stated trading, I instantly fell in love with the idea of being able to wake up in the morning, make some money, and then have the money that I just made during the trading session wired to my bank account the same day; and then I had the rest of the day to do what ever I desired.

I was looking for more time to spend with my family. Having two kids and a wife to take care of is not an easy task and each one requires individualized and personal time. Trading provided me with this and everything else that I had imagined in a “PERFECT JOB.”

Maybe you’ve already tried your hand at forex trading – and weren’t pleased with the results.

Maybe you’re seeking more out of life – seeking what you truly deserve, and are just looking for a way to make it happen.

If any of this applies to you, keep reading. The secrets to successful forex trading are about to be yours!

No. You can use a free MetaTrader demo account to run the system on, but place your trades with another broker. Or you can download a free software from or

Yes! This indicator has been tried and tested over many trading sessions using varied parameters with a high degree of success.

A point to note here is there is no "Holy Grail" in trading. No person or system can guarantee 100% winning trades and no losses. Having said that, I am so confident in my Fx One Minute Indicator that I guarantee your winning trades will outnumber the losing ones, in both number and size. The 1 min Forex System will increase the odds in your favour. The aim is to demo trade until you are confident and then start off small gradually increasing as your confidence increases.

You can start trading a mini account with as little as $250. For a regular account, we usually recommend to our clients to start trading with at least $1,000 or $5,000 to start with.

The trading system works on all currencies, however I have found the system to be especially accurate with the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Find a few currencies that you like and stick with them

I have found the system to be consistently profitable on the 1 minute chart, But you can also try on 5-15 mins chart.

The system works on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. It comes with free charts and free platform access.

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