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Agile Betting SystemResponsive Development With Multi-layer Integration of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning Make This The Most Advanced Betting System Currently In Existence!

Hi, I’m Nigel Peters and I’m the man behind Agile Betting. My powerful system provides consistent wins and unbeaten results thanks to rigorous testing throughout every stage of development. We work closely with software engineers that are a part of strong team of experts managing sport betting websites. We follow the Agile Manifesto that empowered sophisticated technology to guarantee winning solutions. … but more about the system later.

And because all the technical stuff is handled at my end (statistics, probabilities, etc), there is nothing you need to do other than place a few bets each day! Basically, my system produces data outputs which can be paired with certain runners in certain races. Once I’ve compiled this data into legible selections, I send those selections directly to you! Then all you need to do is place your bets and collect your winnings! It really is as simple as that. You’ll be winning more than £200 every single day from just 5 minutes of betting each morning. Absolutely anyone can make money with my system! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the first thing about race statistics as I take care of all that for you. AND there’s absolutely nothing for you to download or install as I send my daily selections straight to your email inbox.

Anything is possible when you’re in charge of your income and your financial future. You can place bets when you want from wherever you want. Place bets from your sofa, the train or even from your hammock in the tropics! All you need to make £200 TODAY is a smartphone or laptop, connection to the internet and winning tips from Agile Betting.

“I was about the give up on betting. Internet scammers had wasted too much of my time and hard-earned money. I thought I’d have just one final leap of faith with Nigel’s system and it paid off! It’s now been 4 months since I signed up and I’m more than £24,000 in profit!! I couldn’t be happier.” Carol Jones, Leicester.

“Nigel Peters has absolutely NAILED IT! I don’t know what he’s done different to all those wonnabes but his system actually works! Wednesday, £199.23. Thursday, £204.33. Friday, £249.45. Saturday £192.08. Sunday, £237.11. YOU GET THE PICTURE. With Agile Betting System YOU WIN!” Derik Mathews, Portsmouth.

They don’t know my secret but they’re happy with the results! In fact… until now NO ONE knew my secret, but today I’m sharing it with you…

I want to be completely honest and upfront with you so you know exactly how I came to develop the system and why its results are so impressive.

But I didn’t come to be here on the straight and narrow… My last place of employment was a leading sports betting company. I’m a software engineer by profession and at this company I was one in a team of 60. The focus of my role was to develop a more reliable, high performance betting site. But whilst working to improve the site I was also creating a betting system of my own. I didn’t care much for my employers. Their platform was drastically overpriced which meant that for the customers, a win wasn’t much of a win. I wanted to create something different. Something I could be proud to put my name to. Something that worked for the honest, everyday punter. So I began running small experiments within the back system of the betting site. I’d collect data, analyse results, make adjustments and then try again. My focus was on the Agile Manifesto that empowered responsive development with continuous integration; test, improve, repeat. I was looking for the pattern of a winning system. The company had a large budget for research and development which meant I had access to numerous company credit cards and could place unlimited bets. That is how I was able to test my system so thoroughly and ultimately how I was able to perfect it to be the unrivalled system that it is today.

I believe that now my system has more validity than any other system in the history of betting!

If I were in this for the money, I’m well aware that I could sell my system for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds! But I’m not… I’ve already made more than enough money from betting personally to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle. Now I want to help you! Maybe you could call this karma; me giving something back after working for such a dodgy company for so long. That’s why today I’m giving my system to you for a one time payment of just £29.99 Just let that sink in for a moment… You pay £29.99 ONCE and then you receive daily tips from Agile Betting for as long as we’re in business! (And we just bought our 5 year licence so we’re not going anywhere anytime soon).

And as I’ll be taking payment through ClickBank, you’ll be entitled to a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not loving my Agile Betting System a few weeks from now, you can claim back 100% of your sign up fee. What do you have to lose here? I’ll tell you what… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Why? Because I don’t want to be discovered and sued by the betting company I worked for previously! So if you want to access my unparalleled system you need to act FAST. Very soon, maybe even now as you’re reading this message, those 30 spaces will sell out and you’ll be back to square one; no tips, no winners and no money. Don’t… Read more…

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