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Develop Your Unique Selling PropositionIn 2010 a company in Southampton increased their average net profit from 5% to 25% in less than 5 months.

In 2009 a one-man business in Leicester achieved a 218% increase in profits in less than 12 months using the simple techniques you’re about to read.

In the next few minutes you’ll discover how a few simple changes to your marketing can almost instantly boost your profits in exactly the same way as the companies mentioned above.

Indeed, with over 45 years of business experience between them, the authors of this book have seen hundreds of companies use these simple techniques to make massive increases in their profits. You will be shown how these techniques are used all around you in everyday life. These are used extensively by large well known multinationals but they can also apply equally well to your company.

In the current business climate it is getting harder and harder for most businesses to increase their profits, or in many cases, to make a profit at all. The global credit crunch has meant that due to higher interest rates and tighter bank lending, your customers will be thinking twice before they part with their money.

But … it doesn’t have to be like this for you and your business. You can be the one that stands out from the crowd and has continuous profit growth year after year. By making the simple changes that we’ll show you, your business will be the one that thrives while others struggle.

Target Your Market – Boost Your Profits is a step by step proven plan showing you the techniques for creating a new targeted marketing plan for your business – A plan that works!

You can take a look at the entire first chapter of this powerful course for free by simply entering your first name and email address here…..

It involves creating a unique spin, an edge, or what is commonly known (in the marketing field) as a unique selling proposition — USP for short.

What most companies don’t realise is that their USP is THE most important starting point for any marketing campaign for any type of business.

Advertising without a well thought out USP is like throwing money down the drain.

Find a niche and position yourself as the ONLY choice for that niche. This will allow you to target prospective customers you may not have even known existed.

Place your product or service in such a way as to almost eliminate direct competition.

Protect you from market fluctuations. A profit pulling USP practically guarantees you continuous growth in the marketplace.

Get your product or service remembered more than any other in your market.

How you can charge more but your customers are still very happy to pay you.

A good Unique Selling Proposition will revolutionise your company. Your customers will instantly know what you’re about. Your marketing is immediately more effective and targets new customers that you possibly had never considered before.

Here’s a superb example…. If you’ve ever been to the shampoo aisle at the supermarket, you’ve seen there are literally hundreds of shampoos to choose from. So when Head & Shoulders came out, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it, right?

Wrong. Everybody noticed because Head & Shoulders targets people with dry, flaky scalps. People with dandruff. And this USP made all the difference to their campaign.

Without its dandruff fighting power, Head & Shoulders would just be another shampoo.

We’ve boiled down creating a USP to a few simple steps and outlined it all for you… just keep reading…

We guarantee that, no matter how mundane you think your business is — there is something special about it; Something unique that can launch you to new profit levels.

Somewhere under the surface is something special just waiting to be noticed. And together, we will find it, hone it into a USP and test it to determine how it fits.

Trust us, no matter what business you are in or how ordinary you think it may be, we are going to find something unique about it and transform it together.

Most marketing books don’t spend more than a paragraph or two on how to come up with your USP. Yet most marketing agencies would charge thousands of pounds to help you craft it.

In Target Your Market – Boost Your Profits we have created a system for developing your own USP and have broken it down into simple steps that anyone can follow.

Finally, a Step-by-Step System that will Help Anyone, in Any Type of Business Create a Profit-Pulling Unique Selling Proposition

This course is the next best thing to having your own advertising agency by your side.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Whether it’s a product or a professional service, a USP is THE factor in whether or not it succeeds. In today’s competitive marketplace, a USP is vitally important to your success.

"Target Your Market – Boost Your Profits Manual"

Part 1 of this two part course is packed cover to cover with invaluable information…

This course manual is the most revealing report ever written on the vital subject of USPs and how they can revolutionise your business. over 100 pages of solid information that is easy to understand and simple to execute.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover in your Course Manual.

The 3 keys to a profit pulling Unique Selling Proposition.

10 multi-million pound USP’s and a brief synopsis of why they work and how they can be adapted for your business.

How to determine what really drives your target market and how to cash in on it.

The 5 main categories for USP’s and how to implement them into your business quickly.

How your USP will focus your marketing and improve your profits.

The one thing you don’t put into your USP.

How to annihilate your competition with a guarantee that packs a powerful punch.

5-tips for sidestepping a price war.

Real life examples of how USPs can revolutionise branding.

How… Read more…

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