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Economic Collapse Investing - How to Secure Lasting Wealth from the Final  Financial Blowout!Access Your FREE Economic Collapse Investing Manual Today and Secure Lasting Wealth from the Final Financial Blowout…

It’s called Economic Collapse Investing and it shows you several simple – yet strategic – moves you can make to secure lasting wealth from the final financial blowout.

To be frank, this manual was difficult to write. But I had to do it. Because I fear the worst economic collapse of modern times is upon us. And this economic collapse could be exceptionally destructive to your retirement, your wealth, and even your security.

In a moment, I’ll show why this offers a golden opportunity for certain individuals…and how you can be one of the select few that profits during the troubled years ahead. But first, let’s open our eyes to some of these stark warnings…

Our American government is massively in debt. The national debt is now over $20 trillion. A third of this is owned by foreign nations, namely Japan and China. This amounts to the greatest increase in debt in the 5000-year history of the world.

Our education system stinks to high heaven. We spend more than most of the world on education — $115,000 per student — yet we rank 36th in math, reading, and science…far below our Asian competitors who are eager to eat our lunch on the international stage.

Our homes are open to government intrusions. Police can crash through your door for hardly a reason at all. They also have radars that allow them to peer through the walls of your home. Who knows what they are actually looking for?

Our prisons house the largest number of inmates in the world. What’s more, they’re operated as money-making enterprises for private corporations.

Our republic was lost long ago. The U.S. now operates as a corporate oligarchy, where our elected officials represent the interests of the ultra wealthy and powerful corporations…not the average citizen.

Our health care system stinks even worse than our education system…yet it costs way more than other western, industrialized nations. Even with Trump’s rollback of Obamacare the problems of both high cost and poor quality won’t go away.

Over 58,000 bridges — one out of every 10 bridges in the country — are in urgent need of repair. All the while, enormous amounts of money are supposedly being spent on infrastructure. Where could all this money really be going?

An astounding 27 percent of elected officials cannot name even one right or freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. On top of that, 54 percent of them do not know the Constitution gives Congress – not the President – the power to declare war.

Over one in five American children live in poverty. This ranks us among the worst in the developed world.

Based on the evidence provided, we are clearly in the midst of something nasty…something that could be nothing short of a long-term financial crisis and economic collapse. Yet, when it comes down to it, there’s really nothing you or I — or President Trump — can do to change it.

Federal government elites are hell bent on spending the United States into oblivion. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact.

The "experts" who have their hands on the monetary and fiscal controls are the same economic charlatans who’ve already pushed the economic, financial, and social order well past any rational limit.

Namely, it has propped up the illusion of economic prosperity — propelling stocks, bond and real estate assets to dizzying heights — while Main Street’s dead broke.

What’s more, the American economy, and by extension the world economy, is dependent on these asset bubbles never popping. This, in short, is impossible. Because what goes up must come down.

There’s absolutely no way President Trump can reverse a century of financial and economic mismanagement. In truth, there ain’t a doggone thing he or anyone else can do to stop it.

You have the opportunity to take unconventional action — right now, today — that could make the difference between just trying to get by in the difficult years ahead and making them the most profitable and fulfilling years of your life.

Given the raw facts of the ongoing economic decline and collapse, and the personal destruction it has already wrought for many, what I’m about to share will sound extraordinarily bitter sweet. Nonetheless, it is important you hear it…

This may seem illogical, perhaps unbelievable, I know. But if you give me a brief moment I’ll show you exactly how this is possible.

In short, through the collapse of America’s economy and financial system wide ranging and dramatic economic and financial distortions are being exposed. Those that understand these distortions…and take certain, simple, steps to exploit them, will secure lasting wealth.

Even during the Great Depression of the 1930’s there were a handful of people who didn’t lose everything. What’s more, they actually made fortunes. And there’s no reason you can’t secure lasting wealth and make your own personal fortune as the economy goes from bad to worse.

Naturally, this opportunity requires that you do some things that are unconventional. Doing what everyone else is doing puts you smack in the middle of the herd of sheep being led to slaughter.

For example, buying S&P 500 Index Funds or U.S. Treasuries, like everyone else, practically guarantees your retirement savings and investments will be decimated. It’s also possible that certificates of deposit will be wiped out when the financial panic really sets in.

Nonetheless, there has never been a better opportunity to secure lasting wealth than right now. But you must recognize the economic conditions in place today…what will happen as the financial system further unravels…and how to position yourself to be on the winning side of history.

Fortunately, this is easier than it sounds. You don’t need to have access to elite financial managers. You don’t need foreign bank accounts. You don’t even need a specialty broker. But you do need to take the action laid out in Economic… Read more…

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