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FinanceFeast :: Finance Feast Best OfferHi, I’m Allan Scheeringa, and like you, I’m a long-term investor in the stock market & real estate for those quickly approaching retirement years. At age 57 I can see that I could’ve done better had I chosen better investment vehicles.

Do you know the difference between the super-wealthy and you? They, or someone they pay, know about the types of assets that bring them attractive income WELL in excess of inflation rates. That’s it. They’re the same as you except that YOU don’t know what you could put your money in besides the MOST PUBLICIZED investments.

Here’s your FIRST chance to look inside the door at the investments that the super wealthy use to STAY super wealthy. You didn’t think they bought the rental houses they pass on their way to work or the common shares of publicly traded corporations, did you? They don’t. They buy assets that they can count on; Assets that did not take a nose dive six years ago, assets that provide secure returns year after year for fifty, a hundred years and longer.

Listen to my true story. It was the beginning of our fourth year making our living from an online business where we sold an ever-increasing number of items on Amazon [more than 100,000] and four ecommerce sites.

We had been traveling full-time for five years after selling almost everything we had in Blaine Washington and quitting a contracting business we named Van Go House Painting.

The money was getting really good which began to concern me because I knew I would soon have to start investing the excess. That was a problem.

Since I bought my first stock in fifth grade, 100 shares of Commonwealth United at $8 per share, I would always put excess money into stocks.

Then in 2000 I started putting excess money into buying houses. MY PROPERTIES take money out of my pocket every month because I LEVERAGED them. Sure, the rents cover my mortgages, but every time my tenants tell the manager they need something, the rent doesn’t cover it. Oh, it gets worse. When the tenant moves out, the house is empty for two months while the property manager refurbishes AND markets the rental. The refurbishments are the equivalent of 2 to 3 months’ rent. AND I pay a months’ rent to the realtor who signs the tenant. When one of my tenants moves it’s not unlikely that it will cost me SIX months in rent. Since the average tenant stays two years, not including the cost of fixing things while they’re my tenants, I can expect to lose six months’ rent each two years JUST from tenant turnover.

And now, after some deep stock losses in 2009 I became increasingly aware that I don’t want to play the stock market anymore.

I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m not a smart stock market investor and I don’t trust myself to make good choices as I get older because I no longer enjoy spending my time studying corporations and the economy. Traveling full time can do that to a person. I’m sitting there looking at elephants and baboons from the veranda where I happened to be living at that moment and found that my heart just isn’t in it anymore. I can’t even get interested in biographies of corporate presidents nowadays.

So I decided to look for new things to invest in that WOULD turn me on, and I did that by asking Google. Nothing. So I asked Amazon. Still nothing.

I thought about that for a while and then it occurred to me that I had met so many men all over the world during the period from the beginning of my travels to present, and everywhere, Greece, Britain, Croatia, Ecuador, America, Spain, I found that the men who were in their sixties and seventies who were the type to have a million or more invested, were in a constant and long state of depression. Previous to 2008 they had a vivid idea of how much they had to live on for the rest of their lives, and now they saw that number cut in half, and they seem permanently stunned.

Some spent a lot of time alone in their beds each day. Some just saw all the glee vanish from their future because they WOULD have enough to live on but the EXTRA was gone. They didn’t feel they could travel with their wives the way they had pictured. And since they’re older, they didn’t feel they could turn things around again because they had already built their fortunes and weren’t young men anymore and didn’t have the energy to begin again on something monumental.

After the value of my assets tanked in 08 and 09, I began to wonder if there was something to put my money in that gave me more control over my future.

I thought that if I want a new game to put my money in, I’ll bet some of THEM could get excited again if someone put the answer in their hands. That’s what Financial Feast is. I am the father of Financial Feast and I hope you’re one of those people who need this and I hope it changes your life in amazing and unexpected ways. If it does, I hope you share your story with me because nothing could bring me more joy than to know that you’ve benefited from a life-change that was somehow affected by Finance Feast.

You and I, we are both savers. Earlier in life, you had enough saved to upgrade your car. But instead, you spent it wisely on an asset that appreciates. Kudos to you. You’re one of the five percent who does that. But you didn’t research EVERYTHING there was to choose from. How could you; after all, you were busy with work and family. So you took what was in front of you – Either stocks or residential real estate… Read more…

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