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Forex Joustar - Trading Systems - Forex SoftwareMy name is Derin K Walters and I am a long term Forex and stock trader with several years of experience. I am here to talk to you about forex and also show you something that me and my team discovered.

Trading forex now a days has become more competitive than ever. And it continues to get more and more as time goes by. Not too long ago, forex was mostly only done by the large banks worldwide. Today there are millions of average people who have become fore traders and are still trying to find a system that actually works or at least, work enough for them to end their day with a nice PROFIT at the end of the day. Only a very small percentage of traders actually succeed in the long term. You may have heard of other systems that promise that they will make you rich overnight but those are the ones you should stay away from because they LIE! What you as a trader need to know is how to use something that works and STICK TO IT!

Because of the reputation forex has today with all the junk available, there many traders who have lost hope. Well let me tell you something. Our newly developed Forex Joustar system may very well bring hope of success back to the forex world. This system is SO easy to use, all you need to do is either follow the Audio Alerts or see the Color changes on the forex candlesticks. These will signal you when to buy or sell. And believe it or not! It is Very ACCURATE!!

Looking at the chart above, it is very easy to spot the Buy and Sell spots. This system is very unique, the color of the candles will change only when it is time to buy or sell. The blue candles are the regular candlesticks that indicate a "no trend" or a "trend change".

On the bottom of the chart is a special tool that will aid to a much better and precise entry which will lead to a profitable trade. If you see that the candles as well as the bottom confirmation tool match the same colors, this makes an accurate trade and these opportunities should be taken for maximum profits.

An Audio Alert will display at the time you must enter a Buy or Sell trade. In this example above, a "Buy" signal was given on EURUSD on the M30 time frame. It also tell you the exact date and time. At this point you would enter a "Buy Trade". The TP and SL is mentioned in the manual.

This system is SUPER easy to use. All you really need to do is look at colors. The rest is calculated automatically.

The signals are VERY accurate. Use the alerts and enter the market when you see a popup window. This makes for a very good trade.

This system can fit ANY style of trading such as Swing Trading, Scalping, Mid-Term and Long-Term trading.

The system comes with Audio Alerts. You will receive an alert when to enter a Buy or Sell trade and you will also get an alert when there is a possible trend change.

You can make a great deal of pips with this system without much effort. Use it wisely and correctly and you will profit from the Forex Joustar.

Derin this system so far is really impressive, I have taken about 34 trades and they were all winners! I am going to try on other currency pairs now…

Hi Derin, I have been using your system like you said for scalping and your predictions were correct. It really makes scalping much better. I took two trades one was on the m30 on GBP/USD and the other was a EUR/USD on the H1 and they both scored 67 pips.

I have sent you an e-mail with some questions on how I can use it with one of my EA’s. This is one of the best indicators I have ever used that is why I would like to use it on my live account with my EA.

I was very surprised when I noticed the profits that this system has given. I was a little skeptical because there is a lot of other dump things out there but because a few of my friends purchased this and said it was good, I gave it a try. They were right. The Forex Joustar really delivers what was advertised. I made a good 231 pips in a matter of a few days using the entries.

Hi Derin, Firstly let me thank you for developing this system. I followed the system as you asked and I am impressed with the results. You guys really did a great job developing this system. I actually heard about your product from Element Forex because I know that they always research on the latest and best performing trading systems and their team said Forex Joustar was a profitable system and they told me the truth! I am going to go live with this in a few weeks. Wish me luck.

A: The Forex Joustar is a profitable forex tool that will signal you when to buy and sell. It also comes with manual that explains TP and SL.

A: Any time frame can be used. It works with all. Please refer to the manual to see the TP and SL for those particular time frames.

A: Yes. We will provide you the 100% exact same template so that you can load it and it will look exactly as you see it on this page.

A: Yes! It is very very easy to use. The complicated stuff is already calculated by the Forex Joustar.

A: Yes! We are always here to help. We can provide you with an auto-installer application so that it only takes one click to install the system!

A quick User Manual is included that… Read more…

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