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Speed Study Book - Get the Best Business Results With the Least Amount of EffortI’m Dr Marc Dussault, creator of Get The Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort and I’m excited to share this revolutionary learning system with you.

Get the Best Business Results with the Least Amount of Effort is a priceless collection of proven tips, tools and techniques to turn you into a super-achiever.

Gone are the days when you could put in a good effort and expect a good reward. Today you must do simple, out-of-the-ordinary things to get extra-ordinary results.

The biggest investment you can make today to have the best, long-term impact on your business is in your and your staff’s brainpower. It’s your ability to assimilate, learn and digest large chunks of information quickly that could make or break your business.

Today you can have any information on any subject—usually tons of information. So the ONLY competitive advantage you possess over your competition is sitting right between your ears. By becoming a SUPER-LEARNER you could become unbeatable.

Get The Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort will show you exactly step-by-step how you can achieve any goals you set for yourself with ease.

You don’t have to think you’re ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ You don’t have to think you’re ‘lucky’ And you DEFINITELY don’t need a rich family

“Get The Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort” contains a step-by-step formula to help you squeeze the most out of each and every day and shape your destiny for success while enjoying every minute of it.

It’s a proven system to save you from drowning in never-ending To Do lists, or getting swamped by feelings of overwhelm or overload.

As you can see, Get the Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort is a comprehensive guide to finally put YOU in control of your business and life.

Sure you can find a ton of material on peak performance and learning strategies on the Internet, but you will never find anything that comes even close to Get The Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort”. That’s because it’s not about intellectual stimulation but about helping you become the best you can be without turning into a workaholic.

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Just in case the above wasn’t enough here is a more detailed breakdown of the tools, techniques, strategies and resources contained in Get The Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort:

I completed a 4-year Engineering Degree, which takes many students 5 years to complete, in 3 years with two specializations (majors), not just one.

While I was doing my MBA AND Ph.D. on a full-time basis, as the founder of my own start-up company, I used Exponential Marketing Strategies, with no money down, to build my service company 3 times faster, with double the industry average sales per employee, with a fraction of the industry’s employee attrition rate WHILE consistently producing twice the profitability of my competitors – and graduated with honors!

When I moved to Australia, I completed a thesis for a Doctorate in Business Administration Degree in 3 months—a process that takes even the most committed academic nerd at least 12, if not 24, months to write. My thesis was accepted by two external examiners ‘as presented’—a rare accomplishment at this most elite level of academic performance. By the way, my 500-page thesis included more than 1,200 references, 46 summary tables, 19 figures and 8 whopping appendices. The file size was so big; Microsoft Word kept crashing forcing me to put the Appendices in a separate file!

Recently, while I worked for a global software vendor, I leveraged the SAME strategies to produce prospecting results 30 times greater than the company’s norms with the same closing (conversion) ratios as my contemporaries in other regions of the world, growing the business more than 50% per year while I completed a post graduate law degree with a specialization in taxation, superannuation and asset protection, completing it with ‘distinction’ in less than one year without a single work colleague being aware of my extra-curricular academic activities.

The exact same formula that you are just about to master, I have also used to quickly become competitive at squash, winning a Masters, an Open Men’s, and was runner up for a third Open Men’s Squash tournament in the first 5 years of learning to play in my mid 30s!

Simple. I am the LIVING EXAMPLE this stuff works under the most unusual, demanding and excruciating circumstances.

I could never have achieved those outcomes without tried and tested, bulletproof strategies that produce exponential results—BOTH as a student (learner) and business person (entrepreneur).

Daniel Lizurek – Founder & Director at Fast Profits, Victoria, Australia

As I mentioned earlier, you have to think differently from the rest and that means doing out-of-the-ordinary things to get extraordinary results.

Become a SUPER-LEARNER to learn the business skills you need to STOP gambling with your business and adopt a proven short cut for success.

If you’re an ambitious business-owner or an entrepreneur, you’ve probably read tons of material, business books, attended business seminars and workshops …

Obviously, the key is NOT to read more books. What you need is a proven SYSTEM so you can intelligently channel everything you have learned and mastered so far.

This book, which has been sold to thousands across Canada, is in its third edition, recently revised and updated for its global launch to the business community as an e-book.

And you want the fastest, proven, tried & tested way to take you there, get your hands on Get the Best Business Results With the Least Amount of Effort right now!

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