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Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul FoodThat list is of VERY COMMON, CRAZY MAKING pet behaviors. This isn’t what you pictured when you brought home your new companion! You wanted a true, furry friend who makes your days brighter—-not this living nightmare.

You’re not alone. You’re experiencing the same things as millions of other pet owners. Maybe you’ve just been too embarrassed to ask your neighbours, or even ask other pet owners on Facebook. I know, it’s really hard to admit that you can’t invite people over, because your carpets smell of pee. Or that you’re afraid to take your dog for a walk, because he snarls and lunges at other dogs. Maybe your neighbors complain about excessive barking. Or your beloved cat or bunny gave your grandchild a really bad scratch. Perhaps you live with an exhausting routine, constantly moving gates, cleaning and pacifying, to keep fighting animals separate. Your dream of watching them cuddle and play, is instead a daily grind. Wouldn’t you love to come home to content, calm pets? What would it be like to know your leisure time will be spent with happy, cooperative animals? You’d love to go for a walk or a ride, knowing you’ll enjoy yourself and have a well exercised, happy pet. Trips to the vet would be peaceful, and your family and friends could enjoy your pet, too! You may have adopted with the best intentions, only to discover "why" this pet was abandoned. You may have, like thousands of people, tried "New Thought" methods, only to find your pet has no interest in new behaviors. You may even have been physically harmed by this animal you only want to love! As a vet tech, animal trainer and rescuer with decades of experience, I’ve heard these problems every day. I’ve also experienced them myself. I know your frustration. But I’ve spent many, many more hours peacefully enjoying the company of content, calm, and cooperative animals. Cats and bunnies who use their litter boxes, dogs who stick by my side and make outings a pleasure. Horses who remain cool headed and even protective of me during trail emergencies. How do I do it?

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