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Welcome to the Wall Street Kitchen! - Cherry is Red “Hey Victor, your mom’s advice works and I’m very impressed how much more knowledge I gained after your material. It’s some of the most valuable and sensible investing approaches I’ve ever seen.  Investing doesn’t have to be stressful with mom’s advice.  Psst, don’t tell my wife that I’m listening to another woman! 😉 JK!” – Christopher G, San Diego, CA

When my Mom casually mentioned to me one day that she had started investing in the stock market I was shocked and more than a little worried.

As someone who had a B.A. in Economic Geography from UBC and who is a member of the American Economic Association, the American Association of Individual Investors, I knew how difficult it could be to make money in the stock market.

Here I was with my “fancy” education and my Mom, with no secondary education, was getting better investing results than me.

What I discovered was this – her approach, which draws parallels between investing in stocks and preparing food for dinner, basically boils everything down into a few simple principles that anyone can follow to achieve stock market investing success.

I’m not ashamed to say I started using these principles myself and now I’m making more money investing in the stock market than I ever did before.

Mom doesn’t get caught up in using the newest and hottest techniques and she doesn’t believe that for an investing strategy to work it has to be complex. Instead she focuses on the tried and true techniques that have been proven to work again and again.

And here’s the best part, to learn from her you won’t have to travel to her home to talk to her.

I’ve taken the results of the five years I spent studying my mom’s investing strategies and compiled an award-winning, simple, easy to read PDF that reveals everything you need to know to make money investing in stocks with no experience.

It’s called “Wall Street Kitchen: The Recipe Behind a Housewife’s 1000% Stock Return” and here is more of what you will learn from it:

Some may call this a trading system, but I call this a “Recipe”.  The “Recipe” contained within doesn’t require you to do extensive research or read complex charts – and you won’t have to spend all your time at your computer waiting for software to give you buy and sell signals.

My Mom has proven that investing doesn’t have to be complex. It can be simple and straightforward provided you have the right strategies in place.

While most professional stock market investing courses and programs cost $2,000 or more and are often very difficult to understand with strategies that aren’t effective half the time … this PDF file that contains everything described costs JUST $10, is easy to read and teaches you how to profit no matter which way the market goes.

I have spent countless hours developing this award-winning “Recipe” contained in the Wall Street Kitchen with Patrick Chiu, M.Ed., B.Sc. Physics (UBC), breaking everything down into easily understood steps that you can follow immediately to begin making money investing in stocks.

With this Recipe, there will be no wondering how to proceed. You will know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it to achieve success.

It has been specifically designed and edited by a M.Ed. for a faster and easier learning of a practical, proven investing approach.

“I’ve always wanted to get into investing but didn’t know how to begin understanding stocks.  The concepts were not only easy to understand but can be applied immediately.  In just 2 weeks, I made 20% on a blue-chip company I bought using Victor’s ‘survival tools’” – Ryan T, Burnaby, BC

“His common sense approach to a complex subject reshapes the way I think about the markets.  The material is suitable for men and women, regardless of investing experience. ” – Kenneth S, Richmond, BC

“Wow, I just love how you tell the story – so practical, simple, and funny!  Who would have thought investing and cooking could go so well together?” – Ann C, Seattle, WA

“What attracted me to get this is because I’m a mother to my 4 year-old daughter and I’ve never had the courage to invest on my own.  This story empowers all women to DIY.  I’m slowly buying stocks for my daughter’s future and already seeing gains because of you!  WSK shows you exactly how anyone can make money on the side.” – Vivian K S, Windsor, ON

She buys and sells stocks not in a downtown office wearing formal business attire, but rather, in her kitchen wearing her pajamas in front of nothing more than a laptop.

Her self-taught method is so simple it can be understood and implemented by any eighth-grader, yet when applied the results are simply remarkable.

Traditionally, authors find successful investors and write about their methods without ever fully understanding those methods or even meeting the person they are writing about.

Not so with Wall Street Kitchen. I have studied my mother’s investment methods up close for 5 years – and I actually know the person behind the success deeply, so you can be rest assured that I have drawn out and communicated every component of her stock investing success in this system.

I am confident the information in Wall Street Kitchen will work for you. Again, please keep in mind this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

That’s why if you have ever wanted to enter the stock market but have lacked the courage … Or if you have thought of having a supplementary income to your day job but didn’t know how to do it … this Recipe is for you.

 If my Mom, with no investing experience and no college training, can make 10 times the… Read more…

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