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Your Profitable Dairy Farm - Momekh & CoFrom: Mohammad Khan / Entrepreneur from Lahore To: All entrepreneurs looking to start a dairy farm in Pakistan

Dairy Farming for me was a wonderful project to start. I started research on it almost 2 years ago with my trusted friend. We still joke about the fact that we travelled upwards of 1600 kms in one week, hunting out the experts in the dairy farming business.

Before moving on, I want to tell you that having the right information has been the difference between success and failure. And it is no small difference. Please carefully read the following example:

A representative from Nestle came to my farm and told me that my 8 animals were producing MORE milk than another farm that had more than 60 milking animals.

Do you see the MASSIVE difference? Of course you do. Only small pieces of information and then taking action based on that information has made one farm produce more revenue than another farm that has almost 10 times more investment.

I must tell you RIGHT NOW that this difference is because of the excellent teachers I found during my research into dairy farming. The information I received from these people was MORE THAN ENOUGH to get me going on the right track, Alhumdulillah.

But as I mentioned earlier, I travelled a lot to meet these people. I had to filter out the good advice from the bad. And YES, there is BAD ADVICE available out there (someone is advising that person with the 60 animals, right?).

I wanted to run the dairy farm on modern guidelines, treat it as a business that makes me money and gives me time to pursue my other projects. So as you can well imagine, it was frustrating to find advice that was either:

Both these advices were based on experience, and I still understand where these guys were coming from. But it was not something I wanted to do!

I want you to understand the difference between a strategy and a tactic. For example, tactics are the techniques used to climb the tallest tree in the forrest, whereas strategy is the vision that decides WHICH tree is the tallest!

These three sections are the result of considerable deliberation on the key variables involved in a dairy farm’s success.

What do I mean when I say environment? It means controlling the exposure of natural elements such as direct sunlight, rain etc.

Were you expecting a more technical definition? Of course, you will not find heavy technical information in this guide for a very clear reason: it doesn’t help an entrepreneur. This kind of approach to information is very valuable! How? Imagine that a highly-paid civil engineer completes your shed. He gives you the detailed, neatly-drawn technical diagrams, shows the finishing touches of the shed and how the paint is used on the shed is conducive to this and resistive to that!

What would you do to see if the shed is doing its job? You know what I’d do? I will take a bucket of water and a tall ladder. Climb to the height of the shed roof and throw the water on the roof. Will it leak? Because that is my ESSENTIAL objective with the shed. And that is the kind of information I need.

You will find my Shed construction diagram that you can use to guide yourself. In my experience, that is ALL an entrepreneur needs for this.

And some ‘experts’ will make you think that the ‘environment’ of the dairy farm is ONLY the shed. They are WRONG. Shed is there to control the environment, and I have also seen very profitable dairy farms operating from under a large tree!

As always, we will identify the core requirement and then see how we can build the most cost-effective solution.

Input from experienced dairy farmers is matched against the core requirement, and this simple approach will help YOU save money and set up a long-term, scalable dairy farm environment.

I will also tell you the problems I faced, the costs I had to incur while constructing my shed etc. Shed design diagram’s also included.

One small piece of information regarding feeding proved to be so important that had I not done it, I probably would have failed at maintaining my animals.

Due to God’s Grace and God’s Grace alone, I have been able to maintain a relatively successful milking average on my dairy animals. I was able to devise a very simple ration program for my animals and I tell it ALL in this guide.

Also note, that as with most things, I insisted on keeping it simple and deliberately avoided highly detailed information on nutrition values, kilojoules and the like; I have tried to present this information in the easiest form possible. This helped me a lot, and God willing, will help you as well.

If you already have a dairy farm or are just starting out, silage should be a number one priority on your farm. I explain in detail how current dairy farmers and would-be dairy farmers can start making silage!

The last section of the eBook is possibly the most important. Anyone who has been involved in dairy farming ALREADY knows this; buying good quality animals is the most difficult task. I share some of the best tips on buying these animals. And not only that, I also tell you my “sources”, from where I buy my animals, and why.

Please note, the only thing that got me to travel all over Punjab was this purchasing of high quality animals.

I ended up meeting a lot of people involved in the sale of dairy animals, but there were only a few who were able to provide the right animals. I share these details in the Guide.

I have not changed anything to “make it look good”. These people are doing jobs yet are eager to start a dairy farm. They… Read more…

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